Haunted Mansion Costume Tightrope Ballerina Walker Girl Dress Daisy De La Cruz Cosplay Costume

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Vicky told me she want to cusotmize Haunted Mansion tightropeI walker costume for Halloween and asked if I could make one for her. I replied her to provide me the details of the picture for reference. Finally, Vicky gave me much more details of the tightropeI walker dress. I confirm I could. Therefore, I made it within 7 days. The flowers pattern of the skirt and the velvet color were confirmed. Vicky liked it so much when she got it!

Custom size, Standard size or Plus size is available.
If you like to make it with custom size or plus size, you can provide me your measurements.
1 Height
2 Bust
3 Waist
4 Hips

Please don't forget to provide the measurement after you order it. Thank you.