Classic Cinderella Dress in 1950 Film - Adult Cinderella Costumes for Women

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Yes, this is the classic version of Cinderella dress from Cinderella 1950. I appreciate Jean sent this beautiful photo to me and wanted to customize one for herself. I told her I would match the fabrics for her in advance. If she liked those fabrics I matched, I would offer the price and the making days. I did those work above within 3 days. Finally, I confirmed the fabrics, price and the making days with her together. I am so happy Jean told me she likes her new Cinderella dress when she received it. Great Job!

The Cinderella dress comes with the hoop skirt and har bows. 

Custom size, Standard size or Plus size is available.
If you like to make it with custom size or plus size, you can provide me your measurements.
1 Height
2 Bust
3 Waist
4 Hips
5 Shoulder

Please don't forget to provide the measurement after you order it. Thank you.