Scarlett O'Hara Costume Red Dress Garnet Gown Acted By Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind

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Alyssa, also one of my cutomers, contacted with me if I could made one Scarlett O'Hara red dress for her, which she needed within 25 days. I looked at all details of this classic movie phenomenal dress and replied her I would use the real ostrich feather with the dress. Therefore, the price would be more than $209. She agreed with me and offer the measurements I wanted. In fact, I made it within seven days, which much more less than expected. Alyssa also got it within 12 days and told me I saved her life. A-haha...

Custom size, Standard size or Plus size is available.
If you like to make it with custom size or plus size, you can provide me your measurements.
1 Height
2 Bust
3 Waist
4 Hips
5 Shoulder

Please don't forget to provide the measurement after you order it. Thank you.